About PT. Caturpile Perkasa


A Profesional Project Management is now forces to be effective & efficient in planning and operating in building construction. Including a remarkable progress in construction technology.

That is why PT. Caturpile Perkasa is the answer to meet those demands. As well as to create efficiency in foundation system.

Aninnovative progress has been made by us, in producing what we called “Mini Pile” 30 – 60 cm in diameter and can be planted down to 20 meter below surface and “Concrete Panel” (Fence). We guaranteed that our construction products are durable due to an excellent inspection of quality assurance.

Our business also include some main area such as : design of pile foundation, with the help of computer technology as well as supervised by the expertise in piling.

Experience has made us to grow established and trustworthy that given by our client in handling many project such as luxury house, office building, storage building, workshop and many other construction projects.

Presenting Mini Pile “Perkasa” which more economic nevertheless stronger……,This is how we serve our customers.

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