Products of PT. Caturpile Perkasa


- Mini Pile “Perkasa”, More Economic but Stronger.

Nowadays Mini Pile “Perkasa” is the best choice for buiding up a luxury house, office building, Workshop. Especially when dealing with bad surface and bad location, or surface with low grid.

Axial Mini Pile Perkasa, with conjunction of steel plate connected by weld electric, Mini Pile is capable to support up to 40 ton. With size of 28 – 32 cm area of Equilateral triangle and height from 3 to 6 meter.


Several Advantages:

  • MORE DURABLE. Quality of Mini Pile “Perkasa” have tested its powerfull and durability.

  • MORE SAFETY. Foundation of Mini Pile “Perkasa” are supported by hard ground surface, moreover the risk of sloping surface can be avoided.

  • MORE ECONOMIC. Foundation job can be done in short period of time and less cost needed to do the excavator.

  • CLEANLINES. It does not need a special place to put waste ground which can cause environment pollution.

  • LESS SOUND. It does not disturbing any buiding beside “area of working”, because low vibration in planting mini pile.

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